[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie
[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie
[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie
[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie
[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie
[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie

[PREORDER] Chuu Plushie

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This item is a PREORDER and may not ship until MAY/JUNE 2023 [IF CAMPAIGN IS SUCCESSFUL]

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Production Goal - 100/100 COMPLETED

1st POB Goal - 150/150 Green Apple Hair Tie

2nd POB Goal - ONGOING/300 TBA 

What is included in your Chuu Plush Preorder?

  • 20cm Chuu Plushie
  • Removeable clothing [Dress, Shoes, Bag]
  • Cotton Dust Bag 
  • Character Card 

Plush Material: Plush fabric (Ultra Soft Fleece) + PP Cotton (stuffing)
Maintenance: Hand wash only

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Final sample completed

Plushie Reveal

We are really happy with how she turned out! Chuu's campaign is schedulled to end on March 31st so make sure to adopt her before this deadline. She should be shipped out around late April/early May 2023 :)

About the plushie

Meet Chuu.

Our plushie inspiration came from the stunning red dress look that the idol wore for her iconic "Heart Attack" music video.

Risks & disclaimers

Imporant reminders

✧ Preorders for plushies CANNOT be cancelled after the campaign is successful. Please finalize your decision before purchasing!

✧ If we unfortunately did not reach the campaign goal, a refund will be processed within 7-10 business days.

✧ Please note that the timeline is only meant for a general reference and is subject to changes. We will do our best to keep everything updated.
✧ The final product may not be exactly as shown in the current design. Revisions may take place to ensure the best quality and minimal room for error during mass production. A final sample picture will be emailed to you before the plushies are sent into production. Please keep an eye out on our email updates so you are well informed!

✧ If you have any more questions about the plushie, please contact our team via email info@aidolhouse.com.