About Us

Hello and welcome to Aidol House!

Located in the United States, we are an online boutique dedicated to offering a variety of high quality, fan-made and official Korean Pop (K-Pop) products directly to your doorstep. Are you looking to buy official K-Pop products from one store while shopping for Korean-styled items at another? No need to do that here! Our mission is for you to be able to build your dream K-Pop room all at one place.

After noticing the lack of quality fan-made plushies in the community, we are also here to fulfill these needs! Our dream is to create adorable and stunning K-pop plushies that fans can bring home to celebrate iconic moments from their favorite idols.

We are K-Pop lovers just like yourselves and we always strive to bring forth premium items that bring joy and happiness to K-Pop fans around the world. 

So get ready to find your new favorite comebacks, plushies, lifestyle items and more at Aidol House!

Thank you for the love and support,

Aidol House Team